Youth Programs

Welcome to our youth etiquette programs and services. These programs are all held in group sessions, taught and led by founder/director, author and certified etiquette consultant Carol Rey and fellow certified etiquette consultants of The Elite School of Etiquette. These programs are intended to help build and develop social, communication skills, self-confidence and exposure for a more cultivated and elevated life.


The Elite Etiquette Scholars

Our Elite Etiquette Scholars is a 6–8-week Afterschool Program where we work with your child through hands-on and engaging activities to help build their self-confidence, self-presentation, gratitude, introductions, table manners, dining skills and more. All age appropriate. Minimum number of students is 15 for an After School Program Grades K-12.

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Manly Manners Workshop for Young Men 8 years of Age &Up

“Manners Maketh The Man”

Social Graces. * Table Manners & Dining Skills.  * Dressing For Success. *  

This program is being brought to you by: The Stanley Project,  and Carol Rey of The Elite School of Etiquette

(All Sessions are on Sundays) 2 Sessions 1 Final Presentation,

Begins July 28, 2024. (Time 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

Cost: $300.00 per person


Making a Positive First Impression, Dressing for Success, Table Manners and Dining Skills, Certificate of Participation from The Elite School of Etiquette and other Presenters. (Includes a delicious catered meal)

Location:  Studio House of Atlanta

Junior Cotillion

Junior Cotillion

Our Signature Jr. Cotillion is a 10-week etiquette training program where young people 6-9th Grade come together and learn all about social graces, being a positive role model, discipline, appropriate interactions, as well as communication skills, table manners, dining skills and more to help build their confidence and leadership skills. They even learn a formal dance which allows the boys and girls to interact with each other appropriately. This program helps our children to feel comfortable in any social situation, have the confidence to try something new and to be able to extend themselves to help others and to make new friends.

Our Junior Cotillion Includes:

  • 10 Social and Etiquette Training Sessions
  • T-shirt 
  • Training Materials
  • Snacks 
  • Meal at Final Presentation
  • Formal Dance
  • Certificate of Participation

Date: January 21,2024

Time: 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Disclosed for Registered Parents

(Prices are subject to change)

** Registration begins now and Junior Cotillion Season begins in January **

The Elite Academy Charm School

We are delighted to offer our 6 week Elite Academy Charm School for young ladies 4-17 years of age. All age age-appropriate with an in-depth focus on social and personal refinement and language exposure. Our Etiquette program includes French instruction, Poise/Posture, and Etiquette training. Outside excursions are also included.

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Youth Group Pricing:

  • If your Youth Group or Organization is in need of etiquette training, please fill out form and someone will contact you for group pricing.