Elite Academy Charm School

We are delighted to offer our 6 week Elite Academy Charm School. Our Charm School has 3 different age groups:

Each age groups session will include Etiquette, Ballet and French, which will be introduced at session, but conducted online during the week with instructor.

Mommy and Me: 4–7-year-olds- 1hr. session

Junior Elite: 8–12-year-old- 2hr. session

Senior Elite: 13–17-year-olds- 2hr. session

(All instructions will be taught age appropriately)

Cost: $700.00 per person. Payment plan available via email.


  • Session 1

    Social Presentation: We will be focusing on the importance of first impressions, body language, and personal grooming, we will explore how to carry oneself with grace and confidence in social settings. Session 1 will also include the introductions of {French Instructions}: Introductions and social graces, French phrases, and will cover same in the area of self-presentation, following the same topics and introductions as in etiquette. {Ballet Instruction}: Poise, Posture and Grace. This session will serve as the foundation for the program. Excursions- 4-7 Mommy and Me will be the Children’s Museum or Center of Puppetry Art, 8& Up Museum of Art Dates of Session 1- May 18, 25.

  • Session 2

    Communication, Table Manners/and Dining Skills: e will be focusing on how to set a table, proper use of utensils, how to use chopsticks, use of the napkin and appropriate conversation while dining. For communications, sessions will focus on various facets of communication, including verbal, non-verbal, and written communication. We will lean about tone, body language, and facial expressions in conveying our messages effectively and respectfully. {French Instruction}: Weekly Virtual French instructions on topics related to Etiquette sessions and review. {Ballet Instructions}: Poise posture and Grace, Technique for Ballet students. Excursion: Intro to Golf/Tennis, and Horse Back riding during the week and/or Sundays. Dates of Session 2- June 1, 8, 15, 22 Charm School Tea Party June 23, 2024. Final Session with all girls and mothers.