Elevate your Savoir Faire

With Global Culture Coach - Dominique Jenkins

Introduction to French Language & Culture

6 week online French Course (1 per week)

In the “Intro to French” group and individual classes, you will learn:

●  Prevalence and strength of French language and francophone culture (Africa, Caribbean, etc.)
●  Common French/English cognates (déja-vu, chic, invitation, etc.)
●  The alphabet and numbers (spell out your personal contact details)
●  Salutations (hello, goodbye, how are you?, etc.), la bise (the French kiss)
●  Important phrases such as “I don’t understand, please repeat”
●  Politeness + introducing yourself (verbs to be, to have, to call)
●  Learn pronouns (I, you, they, etc.) and essential verbs to make simple phrases
●  Prononciation work

Date: June 17, 2024

Price: $400.00 (includes workbook)

Essential French for the Savvy Professional

1 session Course

In this tutorial on French culture and language you will learn.

●  Importance of French language and culture in a professional context
●  Essential greetings and pleasantries
●  French Gastronomy: the art of food, wine, and fabulous pastries
●  Iconic French luxury brands: Fashion & Perfume
●  Etiquette: history and general rules
●  Pronunciation of key phrases and luxury brands

Date: June 22, 2024

Price: $150.00 per person

French Themed cultural Excursions

Cultural excursions include local outings to restaurants, museums, vineyards, and concerts, as well as activations at boutiques. Inquire for more details.
Course Fee: – Varies