I can attest that my daughters have enjoyed  their private etiquette sessions with The Elite School of Etiquette. My oldest daughter reminds her younger sister about her table manners while dining sometimes. Their posture and self expression is a little warmer and more welcoming. They are both very comfortable setting the table at breakfast and dinner time too and they both do help a little bit more around the kitchen.

I do know for sure, the skills that they learned are making a difference in their daily lives and interacting with others.

I look forward to signing up for additional classes in the near future.




Ms. Carol,

When my mother signed me up for an etiquette class, I was so upset. As a guy, I thought that etiquette was just for girls, but I was wrong. I learned so many new things that will help me in school and at my new job. I now am more considerate of others, and I am more open to talking to people than before. I know how to present myself better now since I only get those first 7 seconds. My boss is even making comments about my mannerisms. Thank you so much.



To The Elite School of Etiquette

Thank you so much for working with our girls in  P.E.A.R.L.S, I constantly hear them reminding each other how to sit and correcting each other on how they should dress, fix their hair and  greet others. I know that you left a strong impression on our girls and how they now represent themselves around our school. They now show so much more confidence  they are now truly representing  P.E.A.R.L girls and we thank you!

Lisa- P.E.A.R.L Advisor

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